Flow Measurement – SITRANS F

SITRAN F has a full line of flow measurement instrument including, Coriolis Mass flowmeters, Magnetic flowmeters, Ultrasonic flowmeters and Vortex Flowmeters.


SIFLOW FC070 is based on the latest developments within the digital processing technology – engineered for high performance, fast flow step response, immunity against process generated noise, easy to install, commission and maintain. SIFLOW FC070 is available in two versions:

 • SIFLOW FC070 Standard

 • SIFLOW FC070 Ex The SIFLOW FC070 transmitter delivers true multi-parameter measurements i.e. mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction. SIFLOW FC070 is designed for integration in a variety of automation systems, i.e.:

 • Central mounted in S7-300, C7

 • Decentralized in ET 200M for use with S7-300 and S7-400 as PROFIBUS DP masters • Decentralized in ET 200M for use with any automation system using standardized PROFIBUS DP masters

 • Stand-alone via a MODBUS RTU master, i.e. SIMATIC PDM

 The SIFLOW FC070 transmitter can be connected to all sensors of types MASS 2100, MC2, FCS200 and FC300.