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Noga offers consulting services to companies and organizations in the Process and Automation disciplines. An example is the upgrading of very old control systems.

When a plant has used the same Control System for decades, replacing it becomes a necessity:

  • The original manufacturer has stopped producing replacement parts, and this fact jeopardizes operations in the plant. Often, this also means the manufacturer no longer provides maintenance services.
  • Few engineers know how to operate the old software and newer operating systems do no support it.
  • Expanding and adding onto the system becomes increasingly difficult as the plant grows.

Obviously, a considerable amount of money has been invested in Plant Control Systems that have been in use for years, and these hold vast amounts of information.

Taking this into consideration, Noga provides cost effective solutions to upgrade or change an existing system, including purchase and installation fees. Noga works to improve and optimize the system until it fit for full operation.