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Widespread and Well Adjusted Across Many Industries

Noga proudly caters to clients from various industries, including: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Petrochemicals and Refineries, Pulp and Paper, Desalination, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Energy and Power, Food and Beverage, Oil and Natural Gas, Metallurgy, Textile and Plastics, Chemical, Semiconductor, Academic Research Labs and Defense.

We feel committed to our clients and see ourselves as a partner to their success.


The following is a partial list of Control Systems and applications that we have experience in:


Siemens - PCS7

We have many years of experience using PCS7. Our experience is based on the design of two large plants with thousands of I/O in each plant.

For each plant we did the complete control system architecture design, design of Process Functional Description format based on S88, design of HMI architecture based on API 1165, complete software implementation, simulation, supervision of installation, commissioning and start up.

The first plant configuration includes: 

  • Redundant Siemens PCS7  S7-416  Controllers
  • Redundant PCS7 WINCC  Servers
  • More than 7,000 tags in WinCC
  • Reporting using Siemens Information Server & Historian
  • More than 300 motors controlled by Simocode using profibus
  •  Profibus communication with Satec Power Meters
  • Profibus  communication to VFD's
  • Profibus  communication to soft starters
  • Profibus  communication to solenoid blocks in field
  • Profibus communication to package units supplied with independent control system  

The second plant has a similar configuration and I/O quantities but with a non-redundant PLC.

Siemens - PLC Applications

Many years of experience in programming, configuration, HW & SW design and commissioning of Siemens systems which include S5, S7-200, S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, intrinsically safe I/O and use of Simocodes for motor control.

 Honeywell Safety Systems

We are experienced in Honeywell Fail Safe Controller programming, configuration and commissioning  in large scale projects in the Ethylene and Polypropylene industries.


Many years of experience in programming, configuration, HW & SW design and commissioning General Electric systems which include Rx3i, GE 90-70, GE 90-30 Controllers and Cimplicity HMI.

Allen Bradley

Many years of experience in programming, configuration, HW & SW design and commissioning Rockwell systems which include Contrologix, SLC5/05 Controllers, RS-View 32, RS-View SE.

Schneider & Modicon

We are experienced in programming, HW & SW configuration and commissioning of Schneider and Modicon PLC's which include:

We have completed many projects using Modicon/Schneider systems in a variety of industries including, desalination, food & beverage, pharmaceutical.


We are experienced in configuration and commissioning programming of the following HMI's: Intouch and Archestra (Wonderware), Wizcon, PCIM.

We are experience with:

  • UNIX and LINUX operating systems: Design, implementation and maintenance of software applications.
  • Software applications in C, C++, PERL
  • Simulation tools for Software: Creation, Processing and interfacing files in FSDB format. Use of NOVAS, DEBUSSY Simulation software.