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Meeting GMP standards is crucial to the success of any project or plant within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Good Manufacturing Practices are general industry guidelines that must be applied to the manufacturing process of any drug or food supplement, to ensure the overall safety of end clients.

Though there are many GMPs, and these differ from country to country, they all target the same main issues: proper training of factory personnel and extensive documentation of processes and shipments within and from the plant, so handling and assembly can be closely monitored.

When designing a new process or plant, engineers must conform to GMP requirements.

Although these requirements are mandatory, there are no recommendations regarding achieving them. This leaves Noga’s engineers with plenty of ways to get creative and offer solutions best fitted to the factory, its employees and budget.

Getting FDA Approved

Noga Control Systems designs according to cGMP requirements, including the supply of necessary procedures, and works with the client throughout all stages of documentation and FDA inspection, to help you get approved – fast.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Today we can provide a complete solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry which includes engineering, construction, validation, and compliance - which few can do.

All under one house, together with our strategic partner, we will provide a complete solution for your plant which is much more than engineering design according to GMP. We will provide Project Management, Engineering, Validation and Compliance expertise that has been applied on a variety of facility challenges.