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Industries and Projects

Noga Control Systems Ltd

Since its foundation in 2006, Noga Control Systems Ltd has established itself as an innovative and dynamic company, providing a wide range of automation services and solutions to companies worldwide.

Led by an experienced and skilled team of engineers, Noga Control Systems Ltd implements cutting-edge automation and control solutions in multi-disciplinary projects.

Noga’s professionals are involved and invested in all projects, working with the client to ultimately achieve maximum working efficiency in a cost effective manner.

 Our Experience is Your Asset

Many years of experience and realization are the basis for the insight and broad view we supply our customers.

Led by a team of renowned engineers with over 25 years of experience in the field of Automation and Control, Noga’s team offers a complete solution, from the field and up to connecting with the company's Business Unit.

We have expertise in systems integration, automation for biotechnological and pharmaceutical projects, and revamp of Control and Automation systems.