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New Process Plant controlled by Siemens PCS7 Control System

19 October, 2016 Watch this movie where Moti Levin describe a new process plant control system architecture. The control system consists of two Siemens PCS7 controllers in redundant combined with two PCS7 HMI servers, 7 HMI clients and Siemens Process Historian and Information Server. The control network is Profibus in a ring topology that connects hundreds of motors with Siemens Simocodes smart contactors, Festo valve monifolds, Remote racks, Satec metering devices and more.

Revamp of obsolete Control System

11 March, 2015 Noga has successfully completed the replacement of an old obsolete control system (200 I/Os) for a sand blasting machine that had no software documentation and limited wiring documents.
The risk was that if a fault occurs in the existing system, then production would be down until a new control system would be designed, installed and commissioned causing a great loss of production. The machine process was studied together with client and field wiring checked on site.
The system was replaced with a new PLC, local HMI panel and was connected to the main plant SCADA system.


IT Professional Services

23 February, 2015 Noga Control Systems includes IT professional services as part of the portfolio offering for organizations and companies in the control and automation industries.
With our IT professional services we can help you deliver holistic solutions for your organization.


Project Management

15 October, 2014 Noga has expanded its engineering services to include Project Management for multi-disciplinary projects which include: IT, MES, Civil Engineering, Equipment Layouts, Process Design, Electrical Design, Instrumentation and Control.

Noga supplies Project Management services for an IT Priority project

7 September, 2014 Noga supplies Project Management services in IT projects. Currently we are supplying Project Manager services for an IT project with Priority in the pharmaceutical industry.

Noga designs and implements the replacement of an electro mechanical control system

27 August, 2014 Noga designs and implements the replacement of a complex electro mechanical system in a laboratory installaing a PLC based control system, specifying the replacement of existing instruments, addition of new instruments, replacement of cabling and integration with piping and electrical design.

Noga participates in the process modelling of a batch production line for MES implementation in the pharma industry

10 August, 2014 Noga participated in the modelling of a large batch production line for the purpose of integrating an MES system in the plant.

Noga supplies a complete control system for a food batch preparation unit

15 July, 2014 Noga supplied a complete control system for a batch preparation unit in the food industry. The project inncluded design and supply of the control system, installation, commissioning, start-up and hand over.

Noga re-designs a complex control system

11 June, 2014 Noga was awarded the re- design of a complex control system including the replacement of the Control System PLC and HMI and designing a new redundant architecture.

Noga designs a complete Control System for a chemical plant in the USA

14 May, 2014 Noga has designed the complete instrumentation and Control System for a chemical plant in the USA. This includes all instrumentation, cabling, cabinet design, PLC cabinet and PLC hardware.

Noga Designs Control System for GMP Warehouse

4 May, 2014 Utilizing its knowledge in GAMP, Noga has designed a Control System for a GMP warehouse including preparation of the necessary documentation as required by GAMP.

Noga designs PCS7 Control System

18 March, 2014 Noga was awarded the design for a complete plant based on a PCS7 Control System. The use of PCS7 will allow to implement an advanced Process Control solution for the plant.

Noga maintains Desalination Plant Control System

11 March, 2014 Large Desalination Plants have complex control systems based on DCS / PLC solutions. Noga was awarded the maintenance of a large Desalination Plant, with thousands of I/O's based on a DCS solution.

Noga manages MES project

24 February, 2014 Managing an MES project is a complex job that requires integration between many disciplines, such as: Production line procedures, Control Systems, ERP, Supply chain, Warehouses, Networks, Security. The project is more complex in the case of GMP requirements. Noga has the ability to manage and engineer MES projects in the food & beverage industries and in the pharmaceuticals industry as well.

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10 February, 2014